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jais94077 1 month ago in Other Feedback 0

hey guys now adays u guys only putting hidden and puzzle games mainly pls upload some sins and farm games for ex. virtual villagers or something like this

ian 2 months ago in Other Feedback 0

I would be great if it were possible to list games by file size!

Would this be possible?

gertrude finkelhoffer 3 months ago in Other Feedback 0

What is the point of having us air our gripes here if YOU NEVER COME HERE AND HELP? I realize that you are providing these games for free BUT IF 75% OF THEM DON'T WORK WHY BOTHER????? ALL IT DOES IS ALIENATE THE USER OF YOUR SITE.

richard 3 months ago in Other Feedback • updated by James Deitz 3 months ago 4

why have you not done any hidden object games in a while

willi2 3 months ago in Other Feedback 0

one thing i think these games is suppose to give to the player and that is be stress free,fun, but a lot of your games is anything but that. take zombie shooter2 for instance no matter where you start from you only have 3 lives. whereas most games in their bonuses they give you the opportunity to get more lives this game don't. you can play allnight and the most you get is 3 lives then where your task is to enter the city that's where your last life is expended and no matter how many times you play thats is as far as you can get.

bérengère 4 months ago in Other Feedback 0


je voudrais savoir si il existe les mêmes jeux mais en français

merci d'avance de votre aide

Md Fathi Rahman 4 months ago in Other Feedback 0

Hi GameTop Please Bring "Alien Shooter 2 - Conscription"

We want to play it, Please Bring

Dawn Pettersen 4 months ago in Other Feedback • updated 4 months ago 0

I liked the game but it has a flaw. It is not in sequence order and you go back to one scene and then another and you are jumping from one scene to another which after a while gets annoying. I will say three and a half stars. (sorry about the spelling of the game)

Jinny 4 months ago in Other Feedback 0

there are loads of non puzzle games out there... why are these ALL puzzles??