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If you have any issues with our games, please first check the Knowledge Base to find the answer to the most common problems. If you are not able to find an answer, use the Forum and add new topic to get help from other gamers.

As the games are offered completely free of charge, and due to high volume of requests, Gametop is not able to provide support individually or per game basis. We encourage users to help each other on the forum, especially when it comes to gameplay issues, walkthroughs and other tips.

coma 7 months ago in Problem with a Game • updated by GameTop Support (Support) 5 months ago 3

Inbetween Land does not work, neither on windows XP, nor on window 10 Could you please do something about it?


Inbetween Land seems to be working perfectly when tested on Windows 10 and Windows 7. These must be isolated cases because the game is very popular with thousands of players weekly. Please be very specific with your feedback, otherwise we are not able to check and try to replicate the issue.

cdoyle9872 3 weeks ago in Problem with a Game • updated by Bill 2 days ago 5

Game crashes on completion of chapter one. cannot exit police station to get to the mortuary, any idears

rickandphyllis 2 months ago in Problem with a Game • updated by gertrude finkelhoffer 2 months ago 1

i went to play travel riddles trip to france comes up with page not found could you please fix or put another game on that works

Kate Beckmann 2 months ago in Problem with a Game • updated by t.scarden 1 month ago 5

Im stuck in gardeners lab....hint keeps telling me to brew root but I have brewed all roots and poisened plant...what am I missing???????

Angie 5 months ago in Problem with a Game 0

I get a message of 'Thank you for playing free game. play more' two games 'Game of changes' + Autumn

and thats it! Angie

jstacy 6 months ago • updated by BrisaMeadows 5 months ago 6

When I go to launch the game it opens a browser window that says thanks for playing.


Sometimes new operating systems are too modern for older games and trying to start a game might result in an error. An easy and a quick way is to try running the game either as administrator or in compatibility mode.

Run as administrator

Compatibility mode

diorah 3 hours ago in Problem with a Game 0

try to dust glass nothing has worked. on win 10. have tried several game attempts.

jais94077 yesterday at 1:06 a.m. in Other Feedback 0

hey guys now adays u guys only putting hidden and puzzle games mainly pls upload some sins and farm games for ex. virtual villagers or something like this

Bala Krishna 2 days ago 0